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Power Bag Strength Trainer

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  • 【Leather】 Our weighted sandbag is specially crafted with superior Maya hide leather material for resilience and unmatched performance. The solid built resists wear and tear for a prolonged period of time. The toughness of the bag is also second to none which makes it ideal for weight lifting, running, powerlifting, functional workouts, muscles building, fat burning, and cardio routine.
  • 【Zipper Enclosure】 The workout fitness bag features zipper closure which ensures you can add more filling to enhance weight. Offers just the perfect level of resistance which keeps it consistent and even across the whole surface area of the bag. It also provides maximum fill potential.
  • 【Top and Side Handles】 Our weighted power bag is manufactured with nylon handles that refuse to split, fray or tear. It encourages abrasion resistance for a long-lasting product while further lifting the overall exterior. With 4 soft grip handles, it will be possible to do multiple different weighted sandbag training exercises with ease.
  • 【Outdoor and Indoor Utility】 The bag is also waterproof, and this can be used in the rain outdoors. The well positioned side and top handles on the fitness bag allows you to do multiple different exercises such as, forward lunge, wood chop, reverse lunge, good morning side lunge, front raise, curtsy lunge, hammer curl and more.
  • 【EVA-LUTION Foam Under Layer】 Our adjustable fitness bag features EVA-Lution resistant foam that will easily keep the sand within and will resist any leakage. The added reinforcement in the bag lets you add maximum weight possible. It also helps in maintaining the shape of the bag.

Color: Black & Red
Size: 5 kg 10 kg 15 kg 20 kg 25 kg 30 kg
Net weight: 800 g 900 g 1000 g 1100 g 1200 g 1300 g 1400 g
Package: 1 * Sand Power Bag