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60/45cm Foam Roller

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Type Name: Massage Yoga Foam Roller

  • SELF MASSAGE -- Get a Deep Tissue Muscle Massage in the comfort of your own home. The innovative foam roller targets muscle tension release in stressed muscles for a complete body massage. Ideal for back, you bands, arms, and legs.
  • TEXTURED PATTERN DESIGN -- Optimal Muscle Health and Flexibility: Ther roller is unique among foam rollers with its robust, textured pattern of bumps. These specially designed pimples are firm yet flexible, making them remarkably similar to a masseur's thumb. You will feel the difference immediately when used properly, the foam rollers gently expand wounds of muscle tissue in different directions, relieves tension, and relieves discomfort.
  • MUSCLE MASSAGE -- Deep massage with the foam roller not only relieves sore muscles, but it also helps to pierce problems in the connective tissues and to help fascia circulate blood and oxygen for pain relief and faster muscle regeneration. Not only will you feel physically stronger after repeated use, but you will also feel more relaxed and stress-free - there is no other roller experience like it.
  • IMPROVE MUSCLE FLEXIBILITY -- Improve your performance in all activities of providing muscle fatigue, loosening connective tissue tension, and improving overall flexibility. Use it before a workout or competition to release the muscle, prevent injury, and improve mobility. Then use it afterward to reduce soreness and speed your recovery.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE -- This High-Density Foam Roller is for both the home and the gym. It's compact enough to travel too. Constructed from our proprietary "Extreme Massage Foam," the roller will never lose shape or break.

Color: Black/Red
Size: 60/45*15cm

Uses: Fitness foam roller, Yoga foam roller, Massage roller, and Pilates foam roller for Physiotherapy