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180KG *8CM Men's Knee Wrap

Sale price $18.89 Regular price $30.95

1 piece 180KG *8CM Men's Knee Wraps 

Knee wraps reduce stress and pulling forces on the quadriceps tendon, which is attached to the quadriceps and the patella (the kneecap). When you squat, the tendon pulls on the patella. Reducing the stress on the tendon helps to avoid detaching your tendon from the patella, or tearing your quads altogether, which are both pretty nasty injuries. When you consider the monster weights that competitive powerlifters move in the squat, it makes sense why powerlifters choose to squat with knee wraps.

  • Protective Knee Pads, Thick bandage Anti-slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve
  • Elastic woven, designed for comfort protection
  • Material is Nylon Polyester Fiber Rubber
  • Including 1 piece knee pad in the package

Material: Nylon/Elastic fabric