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New Year New Goals

Posted by Chris Wise on

It's the holidays! What does that mean? Well, it means a lot in the world of fitness. It means new goals and new gains! So much time and effort is put into a single year's work to obtain what is realistically a minimal gain. 


A dedicated lifter or athlete will only average a 1-3% gain annually. After the first 2 years of weight and physical training, the human body begins to dial back its progressions to slow the growth process. This is majorly due to the human body’s genetic code. While we are all different in physical traits and emotional states, we all share the commonality of being “human”. And within that construct is a dedicated genetic code. Can the code be altered? Yes, it can! The code can be altered but not without actual physical and dedicated work. 


Professional bodybuilders, powerlifters, Crossfiters, and other athletes defy the human code of genetics on a daily basis. They push their bodies beyond tolerable limits in the pursuit of “gains”. And those incremental gains that are obtained are the culmination of years of hard work and consistency. The body’s code changes to accommodate the effort and in doing so shows energy or force attributed towards the desired effort. Without the work being put in, this would never happen. We all tend to believe that health and fitness has to do with being “in shape” or “fit” but no one truly has a transparent sense of what that value is. The reason being, we are all so different and we all drive to different goals.


In conclusion, I leave you with this value. Whatever your drive, desire, or goal is: Make it attainable! I repeat. Make it attainable! Do not set the bar for your new year beyond your measure for success. This is an instant road to regret and failure. Set “Tiny Goals” that are regularly achievable. Track those gains and analyze your next steps to success. This is the secret to GAINS! If we measure the value of success incrementally, we can see its value flourish. If all we see is an end result (X marks the spot) without a road map of stopping points, and fueling stations, then we lose sight of “X”. Set your goals small and the new year will bring you big gains. 


Happy Holidays everyone!


Stay Strong 💪, Stay Fit 🥗, & Stay Smart 🤓

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Love Peace & Gains in the New Year,

Executive Project Director

Christopher Wise